Client Goals:

  • Promote MONTSERRAT brand around the end-of-school-year and graduation season in the demographic of college-aged women
  • Build consumer audience outside of the NYC area
  • Showcase new offerings such as clothing and home from the formerly jewelry-centric brand

Campaign Strategy:

The Genni Agency team sourced college-aged female creators at the nano and micro level for this campaign. Each creator was gifted with their selection of 1 outfit, 1 tote bag, and 2 pieces of jewelry from the MONTSERRAT collection in exchange for one (1) post. MONTSERRAT gave creators the freedom to choose which platform they wanted to post on between TikTok and Instagram (Reels and Feed) to best fit their audiences for the promotion.

Creator Requirements:

  • The product had to be visible, and had to be the highlight of each post. Creators followed strict guidelines on the fit and emphasis of the MONTSERRAT products in their content.
  • Creators were asked to position their posts as “styling MONTSERRAT pieces for the spring season,” which many used Get Ready With Me, end-of-year parties, and graduation events to drive.
  • Required caption tags: @montserrat_ny #MONTSERRATBabe #MONTSERRATNewYork

Campaign Performance:

Creators: 25

6 Instagram | 19 TikTok

Combined Followers: 2.3 Million

Total Views: 660,400

Total Engagements: 29,000

Example Content:


Instagram Reel


Instagram Feed