Genni Agency evolved from our sister company Songfluencer, building proven brand affinity to the masses. After running thousands of campaigns for the biggest names in entertainment around the globe, brands asked how they could utilize our knowledge and proprietary technology to yield positive results for their products and services, and Genni Agency was born!

  • 6/10/21

    Sandbox Summit Global – The Global Impact of Influencer Marketing

    Songfluencer CEO/Co-Founder Johnny Cloherty and Warner Records' Jen Darmafall's fireside chat on "The Global Impact of Influencer Marketing" during Music Ally's Sandbox Summit Global 2021

  • 6/3/21

    Canadian Music Week – Market Your Music Like a Champ on TikTok

    Panelists: Johnny Cloherty - CEO & Co-Founder, Songfluencer Brooklynne Webb - Canadian influencer Haley Brawner - Digital Marketing Manager, Verve Music Lindsay Hyslop - Marketing Director, Anthem Entertainment

  • 2/4/21

    VidCon 2021 (Market Your Music Like a Champ Using TikTok)

    Songfluencer's CEO Johnny Cloherty chatted with fellow music industry experts on using TikTok as a component in release strategy for VidCon 2021. Also featuring: Luisa Moreno - Roc Nation Chelsea Gavin - Electric Feel Natalie Ho - Def Jam Nick Casas - Creator, Nick & Sienna Video: Courtesy of VidCon

  • 12/21/20

    Creating Holiday Music Successes on TikTok, Sia’s Snowman, and Catalog Success Stories

  • 11/24/20

    Songfluencer Featured in Business Insider To Discuss Influencer Campaigns on Instagram’s Reels

  • 11/24/20

    Billboard and Songfluencer Dissect the Resurgence of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” and other Deep-Catalog Songs

  • 10/12/20

    How Do You Predict the Next TikTok Music Hit? With a Ton of Data