• 2/15/22

    2021 Music Report

    Songfluencer, part of the Genni Agency family, was involved in the success of some of the top music on TikTok in 2021. See highlights from TikTok’s 2021 Music Report:

  • 12/13/21

    The Music Biz Weekly Podcast: Charlie Davis Talks About the New Influencer Contesting Platform Preffy

    Preffy is designed to help artists break songs on TikTok and Instagram using online competitions. Content creators and influencers who use an artist's song in content are able to win cash prizes by getting the most likes on their videos.

  • 9/21/21

    Songfluencer Aquires Breakout Platform Preffy

    Nashville-based music marketing firm Songfluencer has acquired breakout platform Preffy to help further establish Songfluencer in the music technology community.

  • 9/16/21

    The Deals: Songfluencer Acquires Preffy

    Nashville-based music marketing firm Songfluencer, which uses data-driven technology to drive success on TikTok, has acquired Preffy, a tech company that allows artists to host prize-based competitions with social media influencers to see who can draw the most likes to videos featuring the artists’ music.

  • 9/13/21

    Songfluencer Among Nashville Entrepreneur Center’s NEXT Awards Finalists

    In the Music, Sports, and Entertainment category this year’s nominees include Bauer Entertainment Marketing, Gild Creative Group, Grayscale Marketing, mtheory Nashville, Single Music, and Songfluencer.

  • 9/10/21

    Music marketers are using TikTok challenges to pay creators based on video performance rather than follower count

    A typical song campaign on Preffy costs between $0.03 and $0.05 per one thousand views, said Johnny Cloherty, CEO of Songfluencer, which acquired Preffy in May. A influencer campaign on Songfluencer by comparison rarely drops below $1 per one thousand views, he said.

  • 8/12/21

    The Sandbox Guide to Influencer Marketing

    Our friends at Music Ally have put together The Sandbox Guide to Influencer Marketing featuring our very own CEO, Johnny Cloherty!

  • 6/30/21

    Do Artists Get a Career Boost By Dating a Kardashian? Here’s What the Numbers Say

    The audience that views the Kardashians is so rabid that anything associated with them is going to receive a heightened level of growth," says Johnny Cloherty, CEO and co-founder of Songfluencer.

  • 6/28/21

    TikTok music marketers are increasingly hiring micro influencers over superstars as the app becomes saturated

    "There's never been a viral hit on TikTok that just took off over night," said Johnny Cloherty, CEO of the music-marketing agency Songfluencer. "It's been months of build and something started off as one trend and morphing into another trend." Read the Business Insider PDF version here.

  • 6/28/21

    The Music Biz Weekly Podcast with Michael Brandvold & Jay Gilbert: How To Use TikTok and Market To TikTok Influencers

    Johnny Cloherty, Co-Founder and CEO of Songfluencer, joins to discuss how to use TikTok and how to market to influencers on TikTok.

  • 6/10/21

    Sandbox Summit Global – The Global Impact of Influencer Marketing

    Songfluencer CEO/Co-Founder Johnny Cloherty and Warner Records' Jen Darmafall's fireside chat on "The Global Impact of Influencer Marketing" during Music Ally's Sandbox Summit Global 2021

  • 6/3/21

    Canadian Music Week – Market Your Music Like a Champ on TikTok

    Panelists: Johnny Cloherty - CEO & Co-Founder, Songfluencer Brooklynne Webb - Canadian influencer Haley Brawner - Digital Marketing Manager, Verve Music Lindsay Hyslop - Marketing Director, Anthem Entertainment

  • 2/4/21

    VidCon 2021 (Market Your Music Like a Champ Using TikTok)

    Songfluencer's CEO Johnny Cloherty chatted with fellow music industry experts on using TikTok as a component in release strategy for VidCon 2021. Also featuring: Luisa Moreno - Roc Nation Chelsea Gavin - Electric Feel Natalie Ho - Def Jam Nick Casas - Creator, Nick & Sienna Video: Courtesy of VidCon

  • 12/21/20

    Creating Holiday Music Successes on TikTok, Sia’s Snowman, and Catalog Success Stories

  • 11/24/20

    Songfluencer Featured in Business Insider To Discuss Influencer Campaigns on Instagram’s Reels

  • 11/24/20

    Billboard and Songfluencer Dissect the Resurgence of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” and other Deep-Catalog Songs

  • 10/12/20

    How Do You Predict the Next TikTok Music Hit? With a Ton of Data