Client Goals:

  • Drive ticket sales using social media creators on the TikTok platform.
  • Create FOMO effect for all Miranda Lambert fans that might not have heard of her residency.
  • Make Miranda Lambert’s Velvet Rodeo the #1 Las Vegas residency for all country music fans.
  • Build buzz around Miranda’s announcement on December 2nd and promote the presale on December 7th.

Campaign Strategy:

In Phase 1 of the campaign, Genni Agency worked with the Miranda Lambert team to identify, recruit, and activate country-themed, rhinestone-packed, western-wearing TikTok creators to promote the 2023 fall show dates. 

Once target creators were identified and approved, Genni Agency activated 6 creators between December 2 – December 9 with the following objectives: 

  • Create a unique and compelling TikTok video showing enthusiasm for Miranda’s announcement of the second leg of the residency. 
  • Provide text showing all date, time, and location information. Use the phrases “coming back!”, “returning”, and/or “phase 2” to show excitement for the residency return. 
  • Share a ticket purchase link in bio, and drive​ audience to click this link in the TikTok content. 
    • Genni Agency provided each creator with a unique tracking link so that we could help Miranda’s team monitor audience engagement and collect geographic information regarding clicks from audience members of each specific creator. 
  • Every creator was instructed to use one of Miranda Lambert’s trending songs in their TikTok video. 
  • Genni Agency gave creative freedom to creators to make their preferred on-brand content, but they were encouraged to use the Velvet Rodeo show flyer in their post in some capacity.
    • Although all creators had creative freedom with their content, Genni Agency required all creators to submit a draft of their content for pre-approval before going live.
  • Each creator had their own unique presale code, corresponding with the title of a trending Miranda Lambert song, which they had to include to promote their ticket purchase link.
  • And finally, use Miranda’s official #VelvetRodeo hashtag in the caption of your video or as in-video text. 

Campaign Performance:

All 6 creators posted between December 2 – 10
maximizing the team’s marketing efforts!

188.7K impressions throughout campaign

CPM = $32.07

2.6K clicks to ticket link throughout campaign

CPC = $2.35

5 Top States accounted for 33% of all link clicks Texas, California, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina

#VelvetRodeo 4m+ impressions

Example Content: