Client Goals:

For their Dark Tone Self Tanning product promotion, Bondi Sands sought a partner to run a large-scale (100+) micro-leaning creator campaign in 60 days or less. 

The Bondi Sands team hired Genni Agency, in partnership with PushPlay, to handle all recruiting, content organization, contracting, and payment of creators. The company aimed to spread their budget to target various demographics: Caucasian, Asian, African American, and Latin American. 

In addition, the project called for Genni Agency to ship products and provide all fulfillment activities to all participating creators.

Finally, Bondi Sands required analytics of creator post performance following the completion of the campaign to better help optimize their future campaigns

Campaign Strategy:

Genni Agency delivered 131 TikTok creator posts in less than 60 days.

We worked with Bondi Sands to identify proper demographic funding allocations to recruit and collaborate with creators:

70% Causasian Creators
10% Body Positivity Creators (non-ethnic or gender specific)
10% Black Creators
7.5% Latin American Creators
2.5% AAPI Creators

Genni Agency facilitated all fulfillment services to get Bondi Sands products into the hands of the creators, and we provided tracking numbers to all parties for product shipments. 

Using our proprietary creator software “genni”, Genni Agency recruited creators, organized contracts, paid creators, and provided analytics.

The genni software created realtime and wrap-up reporting throughout the campaign. Bondi Sands has full access to the reporting, giving them first-hand insight to optimize their future campaigns.

Posting Requirements:

Creators were required to include the following in their posts:

  • Show a before and after look from the product on video utilizing the “transition” feature in TikTok
  • Include tags: @bondisands, #lookatmybronze, and #bondisandspartner in the content caption
  • Use the Bondi Sands “Look At My Bronze” branded sound in posted content

Creator Campaign Results:


Content Likes


Combined Reach


Content Shares

Preffy Campaign Results:


UCG Posts

Content created by micro creators, utilizing the created branded audio as an algorithm & engagement booster.

Example Content:

@lorengray @bondisands is what falling in love feels like 🤍 dark self tanning foam is never streaky and never orange, you can always count on it #bondisands #lookatmybronze #bondisandspartner ♬ LOOK AT MY BRONZE by bondisands - Bondi Sands
@sjbleau @Bondi Sands is *chefs kiss*😍 Dark self tanning foam is never streaky and never orange, my go to always #bondisands #lookatmybronze #bondisandspartner ♬ LOOK AT MY BRONZE by bondisands - Bondi Sands
@zoechinloy Loving my tan in a bottle from @Bondi Sands Now I don’t have to wait until summer to tan! #lookatmybronze #bondisands #ad ♬ LOOK AT MY BRONZE by bondisands - Bondi Sands
@hankimfoxy I love my @Bondi Sands Dark Self Tanning Foam! Its never streaky or orange 🧡 #lookatmybronze #bondisands #bondisandspartner ♬ LOOK AT MY BRONZE by bondisands - Bondi Sands