In 2021, songfluencer

Supported [or] Worked with 52 of the 190 artist/song mentions in this report.

Congrats to all the amazing artists and teams. We were thrilled to have been given the opportunity to work with you all.

Worked with 50% of TikTok’s “Emerging Artists of the Year”.

We are incredibly excited to be working with the future of the music industry.

Worked with 40% of TikTok’s biggest “Top Classic Tracks”.

What a great year for promoting catalog music. so much opportunity.

Supported [or] Worked with at least
1 artist/song mentioned in every category listed.

Whatever the genre, affinity, or artist size – we’ve got you covered.

Worked with ALL 10 artists listed in the
“top 10 Latin artists” category.

2021 was a huge year for our Latin music team.

Songfluencer’s International Team worked with at
least 1 artist/song featured on the top lists in Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, and the UK.

We have creators across the globe eager to help you reach your goals.

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